camh - the centre for addiction & mental health

mental health is health. 

That's the message CAMH has been driving home, and we stand behind them. CAMH is a psychiatric centre that helps many people across Canada who need mental health care. They are actively innovating and working to create change in the world we live in today, breaking the stigma surrounding mental health and being the voice that speaks up. 
"At its most serious, mental illness can be fatal. An average of 11 Canadians lose their lives to suicide every day, while many more struggle with suicidal thoughts. At CAMH, we are working toward a world where no one has to lose their life or a loved one to this tragic outcome—a world where treatments are more effective, where care is more accessible and where prevention is a public health priority. But we can’t get there without your help. With your support, we can make more breakthroughs, dismantle more barriers and save more lives. The future of mental health starts today—right here, right now, with all of us." 

- camh 

 click here to learn more about camh & their impact.
We are proud to support this incredible organization. Every sale will donate a portion to CAMH, on behalf of Minimal Sundays & our loving customers. Thank you!

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